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While writing The Best Homemade Mask for Chapped Lips I thought of a few more ideas for lip care. And since “Little Ode to Honey” only fools you into being a short article, I feel I should definitely compensate you for it with this very short list of everyday tricks:


1. Sugar/Toohbrush Scrubs

It’s quick and easy, and sugar makes the lips smooth, soft and shiny. You can use the scrub over lip balm or unrefined coconut oil to soften the peeling effect, you can also put some olive oil. It’s ok to do it once a week, but I usually fail to do so. Some prefer to use a toothbrush, but it’s too rough for me, so I go for the sugar scrub.


2. Nourishing Masks

Leaving my favourite honey aside, there are alternatives that you can try. I’ve tried the following masks:  1) honey and lemon, 2) cucumber juice, honey and cottage cheese, 3) cottage cheese, yogurt and orange juice. As you see almost all contain honey, and the results are practically the same. So being my lazy me, I go straight for the honey.


3. Nourishing/Moisturizing Lip Balm under Lipstick/Lip Shine

The skin on the lips has no sweat and sebaceous glands, which make it more vulnerable to the environment and chemicals in cosmetic products. And if you shift to honey treatment, you can loose that type of cosmetic products).


5. Lip Care Products with Shorter Content Lists


6. The Holy Trinity (to act on the inside)

1. Drink enough water (not coffee, nor juice, nor milk, nor beer, nor cupcakes, just some good old water :D)

2. Maintain a healthy diet

3. Last but not least – perseverence.

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Wishing you kissable lips and honey-butter french toasts,





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