2 Weeks with Lierac Body Slim Destock Nuit | Part 1

Weight-loss process is still central to my routine and will probably be for the rest of my life. Yet, irrespective of the countless positives of being slimmer, weight-loss is neither a gradual process, nor one that can magically wipe off all the consequences of all these years of gaining weight. I’m talking about saggy skin, excessive cellulite, dryness, wrinkles etc. So naturally, coming into a drugstore, I cannot but spot all the new-ins for all these skin problems I continue to have.


A few days ago I got a hold of Lierac Body Slim Destock Nuit – Night-Time Intensive Body-Contouring Concentrate, long-winded, eh :D?



It says that 9 out of 10 women noticed significant change in measurements after 14 days. They quote exact statistics, but let’s keep it real for now, should I say realistic? Anyways, I decided to do my personal test it for 14 days (2 weeks), strictly following the instructions (I just hope it’d be enough serum, since I have a huuuge area to cover :D), and the bottle seems kind of small.



Mind you that judging from common sense and mainly experience, all anti-cellulite, firming, contouring, thermogenic you-name-it creams and gels, are not panacea and do not perform miracles.

If I have to give a percentage, their share of combating cellulite and loose skin after major weight loss is approximately 10% or even less. But hey, every bit counts. The other 90% are comprised of drinking enough water (1,5 – 2 l./day), some sort of intensive physical activity (in my case working, fitness, running) and a healthy diet. You know the drill – fruits, veggies, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts, yogurt etc. (Yup, no mac and cheese, greasy sandwiches, biscuits, chocolate and other Holy Temptations, but truth is not always easy, guys, sorry :D).



More or less these creams have a supportive function. I say this explicitly because we need to stop expecting one-night wonders and magic form such products, no matter how expensive they are or how enticing their ad is. And trust me, it is not an easy thing to do. I realize it and still secretly root for drastic change. The Skin is a very complex organ and to change it, you need to act both internally and externally. Mine went through a dramatic change and I have witnessed first hand the huge effect of good nutrition and sports.

Here are some of the other creams and gels I have used, just to give you a sense of perspective.



And for all you still awake – Lierac Body Slim Destock Nuit – Night-Time Intensive Body-Contouring Concentrate.

The three main functions are:

1. Treating deep cellulite

2. Fat-storage reduction

3. Prevention against forming new adipocytes (fatty cells)


Routine: Massage it onto all problematic areas before you go to bed – waist, hips, bottom. It’s important that you stick to the instructions, if it says in the morning and before bed, then do so. First, it’s common sense that if you want the best results, you need to be diligent and go by the book. And second, the massage itself is crucial for improving blood circulation. So skipping the cream is not the problem, but skipping the massage is and this could greatly sabotage even those 10% a was speaking about.


First Impressions: The 2 weeks started last night on 09.03.2016 and this is what I noticed right away:

  • The serum has a distinctive, rather luxurious scent, typical of other Lierac products as well, for example the Lierac Bust Lift Anti-aging Recontouring Cream.
  • Neither frugal, nor wasteful. Unfortunately I have many areas to cover, so I guess I use more product.
  • Absorbs quickly, the skin gets soft and silky, but you have this residue, a very gentle film that never dries out, so wait for a few minutes before you get dressed.
  • And it’s quite nice that I could feel this softness in the morning as well.

So far so good, we’ll speak more about it in two weeks time :D.

For part two, click here.


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