The Best Homemade Mask for Chapped Lips

Today I’ll write about the easiest, the most available, the most healthy and effective mask for dry and chapped lips. 15 seconds only!

Dry and chapped lips are obviously my curse and have problems with that all year round. This is due, as everything else by the way, to a number of factors – seasonal, stress, vitamin gaps, irregular diet. It is difficult if not impossible to regain balance right away,  so the only option is to assist your body a little bit and allow it to gradually go back on track. Meanwhile my lips are chapped and hurt like the dickens… I avoid smiling and when I eventually do smile, I swear I hear them crack. It’s horrible.

You know how many lip balms there are, sadly none of them helped me so far. Most of them have a temporary pseudo moisturizing effect, which is no treatment per se and I’m sorry to say this, but some of those lip care products actually make things worse.

This might sound a bit wishy-washy to you, but it is a fact that the most simple and healthy solutions, are the ones we pass by first. We ignore them just because we still labour under the misconception that the best cure is always the most expensive, the shiniest and the one with the biggest proclamations. Yet chapped lips is not only an aesthetic problem, but a very painful one, so you need something that works.

Since I promised a 15-second article solving all your problems, I had to bide my time for 15 seconds :D.

The solution:





Mind you, I speak about real honey here!

Honey is worth its weight in gold in aspects you wouldn’t believe. It has no expiration date, it’s super healthy, all bee products are highly cherished for their healing capacity and what not. I dare not try to enumerate all the benefits and possible applications.

And the bees themselves are so funny, look at this one (a cute little alien :D)



Back to the topic though – chapped lips. Honey contains carbohydrates, protein, amino-acids, minerals, vitamins, organic acids and antioxidants, all of which soften, nourish and heal the lips.


Daily mask:

1. Gently exfoliate with a lip scrub or some home-made sugar scrub, or if things are critical at this point, do not exfoliate at all.

2. Put some honey on and leave it for 10-15 minutes (or until you get all sticky and you just need to lick it off :D)


Night mask:

Do the same, but right before bed :D.



I hope I don’t mislead you with my humorous take on the topic, honey truly is the most effective way to heal your tortured lips. It’s way more healthy, not to miss cheap and it saves your body a bit of expendable chemistry.


But let me just remind you:

1. Honey needs to be real.

2. You should leave it for a few minutes, not eat it right away ( I know it’s tempting) :D.

3. It’s better to do it 2-3 times a day for a few consecutive days for a long-term healing affect, although it soothes the pain immediately.

4. You can exfoliate beforehand, so that it gets absorbed quickly (only if your lips allow so)



This was the “Little Ode to Honey” :D. I hope you’ll give a chance to this amber gem because it it is truly helpful. For  more beauty lip tricks, you can also read here.

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Happy healing, girls, and if you come across a wandering bee, or if it comes across you, make sure it flies its way safely :).




Have a wonderful day,





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