"Пролетта е сърце, от което блика надежда и обувка, наквасена в дъжда."


When Girls Have Tablets

Today the gloomy month of March is officially over and softly, softly, catchy monkey April is here. With spring in mind, the guys at Intel decided to surprise blogging girls with an inspirational (meaning tasty :D) gift.


And also to highlight an interesting trend about the increasing preference of Bulgarian women to migrate to tablets. So following this unexpected statistics, they decided to invite bloggers to speak about how close they are to their tablets.


It turns out that 75% of the ladies, who participated in the study, own a tablet, and 65% claim that they peer at tit between 1 and 4 hours a day. I find this data surprising because I thought phones have taken over for good. Meanwhile most of my friends have already bought one, I have bought one, and last summer I was giving my best to explain to an elderly neighbor how to install and use Skype on her tablet.


I have always considered tablets a rather feminine product. Size makes it perfect for a handbag, it’s easier to browse through visual content (for example fashion accessories or modest and not so modest blogs :D), beauty YouTubing, indiscriminate online shopping, working with all sorts of visual software tools, creating content yourself, and what have you.


As far as I am concerned, empirical data shows that ever since I’ve started blogging as well, me and my tablet are inseparable and things are clearly getting out of hand :D.


Musings aside, here’s how I use my tablet.





Whenever I’m wondering what to cook with a couple of peppers, half an onion, a few olives and some boiled rice leftovers and sad-looking avocado (I just improvise), I usually google the ingredients I have and come up with a dish.


No matter how many recipe books I hoard, I’m always in a hurry and never really resort to any of them. And let’s face it, I never have all the necessary ingredients at hand anyway.


Besides, I love browsing around in Pinterest for some Saturday breakfast ideas :).






My job involves a lot of travelling and I spend most of the time reading on my tablet during the trip and usually after dinner at the hotel. This is when I try to finish some pending translations (*you have not heard it from me) or to catch up with my mail and the global and domestic news-flow. Being and interpreter means you have to keep up with what’s happening around you, in particular to follow the news closely, because this can sometimes be a life-saver.





I use my tablet for reference – terminology, abbreviations, working with EU Regulations (and every interpreter’s favorite booth experience – a speaker reading articles and paragraphs fast and furious). If speakers are kind enough, I might receive some power point presentations just before the start and I usually upload them on my tablet (more often than not interpreters get to seat too far away from the screen!). I use my tablet buddy during the breaks or once again, if a stray-presentation turns up in the middle of nowhere (as if the presenter has prepared it few minutes ago, yeah, right!).


My little white electronic book is also my personal and work assistant too, it has my working schedule, personal events calendar, deadlines, work meetings, confirmed projects, pending gigs, fellow interpreters’ schedules, accounting crap, client offers, client lists etc.






There is a great WordPress App, which is very nice for writing blog posts. What’s more I usually process my photos on the Tablet, jot down some ideas, I use it to read some medical textbooks and do research, I develop my own diets and nutrition plans, my work out schedule and exercises.






This tiny little game is enough to plague a saint, I swear :D! And it looks damn well on a bigger screen. Sometimes when I’m on the verge of a burn-out, the only thing I want to do is play this mindless game, you know – crash candies, move on to level 511 or something. But the good news is I’m not that addicted anymore (*thus she lied).



This is the right time to stop, because soon I’ll start sounding like I use my tablet for a chopping board as well. Hm, I thought I would be more eccentric in and definitely more inventive in my usage, but, oh, well :D.


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Springtime is coming,




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