Simple and Healthy Strawberry Breakfast

Truth be told I’m not a chef in shining cooking armor, but in working out ways to change my attitude to food and nutrition (weight-loss journey), I found that spending more time on preparing my food and garnishing it is quite beneficial.

If we pay more attention to details, to the food presentation for instance, we tend to appreciate it more. And when you have this beautiful dish, and when you’ve put in the effort, it’s less likely to jump on it and destroy it in a minute or two :D.

This “recipe” is actually a very nice breakfast base, which you can change and amend anyway you please. Yes, muesli fiber is very healthy, and yes, muesli can be mighty tasty I assure you. As life itself, it is a matter of attitude and ingenuity.



1. Porridge/muesli (friendly fiber for the digestive system)

2. A fruit (strawberries, which are not only super healthy, but delicious as well :D)

3. Yogurt – 2%!

4. No sugar/sweeteners! 😀



  • nuts (no peanuts, please, and be careful with quantities!) ≈ 10-15 gr.
  • bananas (half a banana would be best)
  • an apple (a small one)
  • linseed
  • raisins or any other dried fruit (but use sparingly since they contain mostly sugar :D)


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Then stir, Bon Appétit and you’re ready to face the day 😀

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Have a nice day, girls,





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