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Spring at its finest is the perfect time for burning out some winter guilty choices. One of the things that accompanied me in my weight-loss process was tea. And just like most superheroes (Tony Stark excluded :D), tea moonlights as a modest drink, hiding some amazing superpowers.


It is difficult to comprehend the complex and intriguing world of tea in an instant. And I apologize for not being a well-trained secret tea society master recruiter, able to win over night, but I love practical things and results, and I hope this could do the trick.



Here are 6 simple and practical reasons to enter the secret tea society sect order, especially if you try to loose some weight:


1. Tea has Almost No Calories

Tea, when nothing is added to it, has negligible, yet not zero calories. The same goes for most herbal teas. However, milk, sweeteners, honey, cream and sugar can add significant amounts of calories to the tea. I have learned to leave out sugar and other sweeteners, but  sometimes I do put some low-fat milk, which is in fact misdemeanor, not offence proper :D.


2. Tea is an Alternative to Drinking Water

If you’re not in the mood for water, tea is a great way to remain hydrated not only during weight-loss, but on a daily basis. You know that drinking enough water (1,5 – 2 l a day) has a profound positive effect on skin quality and your body in general. And drink that much water is no easy task at all. And what about coffee (*energetic nodding)? Coffee makes us dehydrated and you need to compensate for it with drinking 500 ml. of water for every mug of coffee over the 2 l.) What I mean is, you can get bored with water and tea is a perfect alternative.


3. Tea is Beneficial to Your Metabolism

Here a good choice would be green tea because it helps in streamlining your metabolism, which is usually messed up by unhealthy nutrition, indiscriminate dieting and bad sleeping habits. Mind you that green tea is quite strong and if drank regularly, it definitely boosts even the most Egyptian-mummy-like metabolisms like mine :D.


4. Tea is an Alternative Source of Caffeine

Most tea varieties have less caffeine than coffee, although some have significantly more, so be careful. You can have a cup of ice tea right right before your workout for a bit of pep in the step.


5. Tea Suppresses Hunger and Appetite

Green tea in particular has some appetite suppressing abilities, but you cannot do without a bit of iron will :D). My personal experience shows that a cup of green tea can sometimes tame down these almighty biscuit cravings :D. Some tea varieties, for example the herb Tribulus terrestris (also called goat’s-head, bindii, devil’s-thorn, puncture vine etc.) is a tea that actually increases appetite, so once again – beware :D.


6. Afternoon Tea/Book Magic

Comfortably snuggled on the couch in your winter blanket? Sipping summer ice-tea with lemon on the balcony, reading on your Kindle? I just crave those moments This reason alone is enough to embrace tea philosophy.



Springtime is the time to have that “spring body cleansing” and make up for all the Easter treats we have so relentlessly devoured 😀 (plus you can make use of the body’s natural tendency to burn fat easily in spring). That is why I’ve updated my lovely bamboo tea-box with a number of new flavours 



It is important to note that if you prefer Loose Leaf Teas, you should carefully filter the tea to make sure there are no stray leaves left. They are very potent of tannins, which is associated with side effects such as stomach irritation, nausea and liver damage, simply speaking they can be quite toxic to the body. The same goes for disposable tea-bags, although the tea inside gets filtered through the fine bag itself.



This was it, dear I-hope-already-tea-monsters.

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Wishing you a looong weekend,
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