Grandma’s Fairytale Garden

Hey, girls, my blog has orphaned a bit after some dramatic events. You have probably learned from Instagram about the car accident. Together with my friends we decided to go on a well-deserved holiday weekend in my lovely Plovdiv, but the trip was quite unfortunate.


I was the only one injured and for that reason I can afford to joke about the whole thing, plus I try to stay positive. Writing these lines, I still have no idea whether the cut on my retina would eventually affect my eyesight. Fortunately, doctors are quite positive that it won’t but I’m more than anxious at this point.


Writing about the accident makes it more bearable and is probably even therapeutic, so there might be other post about it as well. But fear not, I’m not the kind of person to break down, cry and whine you off to death. They’ll be probably more like this one, about granny’s garden. 


It’s just beautiful, guys. Grandma’s garden has always been amazing, but this year I see a whole new level of magical. I leave you with the photos to enjoy the colours and kind of feel this comfort, this energy that makes me so calm.


Kokki, cute, but so annoying little parakeet :D.



And the lazy Krisko. Yup. My cousin named him after that guy.
Have mercy, the kid is only 6 :D.


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Wishing you a magical weekend,




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