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Tales from Morocco | El Jadida

My 2017 was definitely an adventurous one. Many things changed, I have learned a lot about myself and others, I’ve grown up a bit, I’ve risked a lot, I’ve traveled much. And my trip to Morocco, Africa, would definitely be a milestone in those travels.


It was a work trip so I’m not commenting on hotel prices, tickets and logistics, and this information, however useful, has never been interesting for me in a travelogue. Ergo I’m not writing about it. There will be photos and impressions though.


I’ll just chuck in some bits and pieces of raw data so you get the general framework :). The charter flight to Casablanca (the biggest city in Marocco, but not the capital, which is Rabat) was almost 5 hours, which is quite tedious. But it’s a piece of cake compared to any transatlantic one. We’ve stayed there for 6 days so it was manageable. You don’t need visas, only passports (if you are an EU citizen). People are incredibly welcoming and their cuisine sinfully delicious. ♥ Not diet-friendly at all :D. The official languages are Arab and Berber, population – 98,7% Muslims, currency – Maroccan Dirham.


It was amazing to observe the land from above, this was my first flight over Africa and it is definitely something else. One more reason to call it the “black continent”, it truly looks dark and ominous from above.



We landed at Casablanca, but the delegates’ hotel was at the shore – the five star Mazagan Beach Resort in El Jadida (a port city on the Moroccan Atlantic Coast), a 100 kilometers from Casablanca.



One of the fondest memories I have was the hotel room and the view. As conference interpreter I get to travel to amazing places, but sometimes my schedule is so tight that I never really leave the hotel. Although this was not one of those cases, trust me, I would gladly gaze at the Atlantic for days on end. ♥



Too much beauty, too little space. Here you can read Tales from Morocco | Conference Venue


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