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The Moroccan tale continues with my main task in this trip, namely interpreting. My mornings in Mazagan started in one of the hotel’s restaurants (Olive, I believe?) followed by one of the best buffets I had the honour to ravage on :D.



The interpreting booths, the Bulgarian one is the second on the left.



I have participated in a few other international conferences involving more than three languages and it is a pleasure to meet so many colleagues from around the world. Conference Interpreting is a dynamic, intensive and individualistic occupation and it is not often that you have the luxury of spending so much time with fellow interpreters. But when you do have the chance, it is a soul treat. You hear the most unthinkable of stories, with the most unexpected of participants. And the worst of all is you have to keep everything to yourself because of a thing called professional ethics :D.



When you have so many languages and booths, sooner or later you’ll probably have to become the pilot language for the other booths. If for example your speaker delivers their speech in Bulgarian, the Bulgarian interpreters renders it into English and the other interpreters take you on relay to their own languages. And mind you, to participate in such a level of communication is amazing beyond description. Not to mention the pressure and responsibility to deliver to your colleagues, because a small lapse can multiply in the other languages and ruin the other interpreter’s gig.



It was a large-scale event and looking back now, I don’t know how they did it so seamlessly.




All’s good when it ends :D.

It’s time for someone to have a sip of Moroccan tea and inspect the desserts.



And this view.



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