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On the road again bidding a  warm goodbye to fairy tale Mazagan. We’re off to Marrakech, which is probably the most important of the four former imperial cities of Morocco and a city from “Arabian Nights” (One Thousand and One Nights). It is sometimes called the “pink city” due to the predominant pinkish, brick-coloured buildings. The surroundings change dramatically as we go further away from the ocean.




We stopped at the five-star Palmeraie Golf Palace, which is very different from Mazagan, which was the more European-like. The word “palmeraie” means a palm grove and the area itself is actually a oasis of a few hundred thousand palms in the outskirts of Marrakech.



The hotel itself is a lot more Moroccan, if I may put it this way, and had an air of mysticism.



Going down the hall to my room, named Jasmine by the way :), I have already felt this Arabian Nights princess vibe.




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