In Bologna, they add work and life on to food and wine.


For You, Bologna

We’ve spent our June afternoons at some amazing spots in Venice and Cinque Terre, but it was Bologna that had stayed closer to my heart. Our hotel was in Bologna and we had traveled from there to each of the destinations, so I have probably grown more attached to it for that reason. Or because it’s simply beautiful.



Walking around Bologna is a treat in itself. The historical center is calm, spacious, spectacular in terms of architecture and definitely spared by tourist crowds. There is a special kind of synergy and respect between the old and the new buildings, and my general impression is the city consciously tries to retain its distinctive brick-colour. In a way Bologna looks a lot like Marrakesh, which I guess is only natural given the Mediterranean being a footstep away.



Bologna is also called “La Rossa” for its red brick buildings.



Bologna is a home of close to 400 thousand people and of the oldest university in the world – the University of Bologna, Alma Mater of more than 90,000 students. This is the first educational institution which uses the term universitas, signifying the students and lecturers alike. The university crest states Alma Mater Studiorum (the mother of all sciences), and the university was established in 1088. It’s closely followed by University of Oxford, Salamanca, Paris and Cambridge.



I was kind of surprised to find out that Bologna is perceived as one of the finest culinary destinations in Italy and Europe in general. The city is also nicknamed La Grassa, which means “a fat lady” :D. No comment about the amazing tagliatelle, tortellini and mortadella, and my newly gained kilos :D.



And this beautiful couple.



And this wonderful gentleman.



And the city’s signature portici, or archways, which extend over 40 kilometers, meaning that a walk around the city in a rainy day would be a beautiful idea.



Some modest Italian street art :).



The moment you come across a music school nestled among the portici.



And another day in Bologna.


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