Murano, the Glass Island of Venice

The islands of Murano and Burano (or the island of glass and the island of lace) are situated in the Venetian Lagoon. We’ve visited only Murano. I was too tired to go to Burano as well. To be precise, Murano is not an island, but archipelago connected by a number of bridges and it is also the island closer to Venice, 20 minutes or so by a public boat.


An interesting fact is that in the past, unlike the other islands in the Lagoon of Venice, Murano minted its own coins.



The Murano Glass and the Venetian Glass are practically the same thing, given that all the glass-makers from Venice were chased down to Murano for fear of fires. And for quite some time Murano has been the main producer of glass in Europe, especially glass beads and mirrors.



The Comet Glass Star is e sculpture by the famous glass-maker Simone Cenedese, it is a Christmas present given to Murano in 2008. It consists of 500 separate glass elements, available in six colours and of different sizes.



If ever there was a time I imagined what Venice looked like, it was definitely more like Murano.



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