The Ultimate Low-Calorie Aubergine Dessert

For years I’ve been trying to change my eating philosophy and have browsed through hundreds probably thousands of recipes for low calorie desserts. Harsh truth is that if the dessert is truly good for your diet, it’s either a fruit or yogurt-something. All other vegan, bio, spelt, einkorn, nut and date based desserts, soy ones, whatever they tell you, whatever you’re telling yourself – are all calorie bombs.


You cannot trick reality. Some of these date and soy-based treats, however amazing they might be, have so much calories, that it’s better to have a few spoonfuls of white refined sugar right off the package. I’m saying this as a person who in this weight-loss process has faced and dispelled a huge number of myths and personal prejudice about nutrition.


But let’s go back to the topic at hand. This is the first time I manage to prepare a dessert, which mimics the consistency and the taste of a calorie bomb with far more diet-friendly ingredients! Here I present to you my cooking masterpiece, causing both sensation and awe on many personal occasions :D.


The aubergine on the photo is not just throwing dust in your eyes. This really is the MAIN ingredient in this dessert and surprisingly for me it it conveys this dept, stickiness and magical thickness every self-respecting chocolate brownie has.





2 kg. aubergine (100 g. 33 kcal) – 2 kg. 660 kcal
150 g. dark chocolate (50% and more) – ∼800 kcal
1 banana (90 kcal/100 g.) – ∼180 kcal
2/3 spoonfuls of honey (300 kcal/100 g.) – ∼200 kcal
1/4 cocoa powder (unsweetened) (300 kcal/100 g) – ∼100 kcal
1/2 cup (100 гр.) protein powder – ∼350 kcal (you may choose to go without it)
1 sachet baking powder
1/4 soup spoon salt
Coconut oil or any oil for oiling the pan
Almond/raisins for garnishing



1. Soak the aubergines in salty water for 1-2 hours just in case.

2. Oil the pan and cover with baking sheet.

3. Oil the paper a bit as well and bake in a preheated oven at 200°C.

4. Bake for 20 minutes or so, then take the pan out and lower the temperature at 180 °C.

5. While baking the aubergine, melt 150 g. of chocolate (water bath).

6. When aubergines cool down, blend them together with the banana, honey and the chocolate in your chopper or blender.

7. In a big bowl put cocoa, almond flour/powder protein (if you want), baking powder and salt. Mix it together then add the aubergine puree.

8. Put it in the oiled pan (oil the baking sheet), bake for 40 minutes at 180 °C. (it will rise a bit then flat down, don’t worry, it’s normal).




1. Leave it to cool down and transfer the whole dessert into another plate; leave for 2 hours in the fridge before serving.

2. Garnish as you please.




I hope you would have the guts to try it at home, I’ll be waiting for happy feedback.

And for statistics sake, an average cake is somewhere between 3000 and 4000 kcal (80% of the carbohydrates coming from flour, sugar and oil). This gem is ∼2000 kcal and the only trespasser is the chocolate.

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Have a lip-smacking afternoon,





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