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A Hug Full of Sea | Lozenets

This year was like no other in my life so far, it was a tough one, at a cross-roads most of the time, putting a lot of pressure on me and my closest. And it has never been so crucial  to try to heal myself with some silence, sun and sea. I mean both literal healing and a spiritual one.



And now, if you can spare a few minutes, you’ll get to see some shots of a small seaside village at the Black Sea called Lozenets. Which happens to be as magical, as your capacity to comprehend magic.


Central Beach, Lozenets


Lozenets beaches have a fine and soft sand, and there’s generally two of them, Central and Tarfa. The Central Beach is quite spacious, it has a few beach bars and a long boardwalk perfect for morning yoga, exercises or just enjoying the breathtaking sunrise. I love beaches with a boardwalk, it’s my seaside fetish or something :D.



Bar “Aylyak”, Lozenets


Bar “Barcheto”, Lozenets


By the Way, Lozenets


And you can always spend a few hours on the key, watching the honey sunset.




Or the picturesque Tarfa Beach.




A small as it is, Lozenets is bubble of comfort, energy and freedom, which reigns over your heart for months on end, leaving you breathless and desperate to go back.


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Прегръдки от Лозенец,





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