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Autumn greetings, dear girls! This summer passed me by in a blink of an eye and I definitely feel overwhelmed by autumn.


The closest to my heart have always been June and lovely summer, spring is an inspiration, I certainly own winter (being a December Sagittarius baby, just sayin’), and autumn is my New Year, covered in warmth, soaked in milky tea.



Vessy from Smiley Style Lady invited me to do this tag and believe it or not I managed, so here it is:


1. Autumn has come when…


As a freelancer to the bone, autumn is my New Year. Everybody has come back from holidays and the seaside, some partial tan left, ready to learn, ready to conquer. It is a season for communication – training, conferences, new beginnings, finishing projects before Christmas time. So when my schedule gets all messed up, it’s autumn already.



2. What is your favourite autumn location?


In line with question number one – the booth :D. Humour aside, I’m very boring in this respect. I just love being home on the couch sipping some tea.



3. Which is your favourite autumn beverage?


Ginger Milk Tea definitely.



4. Fluffy socks?

Yes, please.


5. Which is your favourite pumpkin food/beverage?

Those who know me personally know that striving for optimum nutrition and low-calorie intake, I do all sorts of pumpkin-somethings. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. But still my October favourite would be Roasted Pumpkin with lost of walnuts, honey and cinnamon. 



6. What Do You Look Forward to Most this Autumn?

I’d very much like to see some progress in all my projects. Or at least to see a beautiful chestnut out of every shell.



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Have a wonderful October,

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