Two Quick Halloween Treats

It’s still Halloween in my head, but most importantly I made these little weirdos on the 31st :D,  so the post is fresh of the oven, literally, and the tiny monsters are still lurking in the fridge.

Those who know me personally, and you who get to know me through the blog, know that everything I put my hand at in the kitchen is either quick and easy treat (which I steer clear from and leave for others to enjoy), or some sort of healthy nutrition experiment.

Today is a day for easy, yet super cute treats, good for any occasion really.






1 package of Oreo biscuits
1 package of slim salty sticks
1 white chocolate bar
1 pack of chocolate drops



  • Separate the two biscuit halves (do not copy the commercial, they break easily :D). I’d suggest you use a knife through the filling, but have a second pack just in case.
  • Break the sticks.
  • Melt some white chocolate (water bath).
  • Spread some chocolate on the bottom half, arrange the legs, put some more the sticks then put on the upper half.
  • Put two bigger drops of white chocolate for the retina, wait a few minutes to harden a bit, then put one dark chocolate drop on each eye.
  • Leave the spiders to cool down in the fridge for 20-30 minutes.






1 package of salty sticks
2 white chocolate bars
1 pack of chocolate drops



  • Break down the sticks (2 centimeters each).
  • Melt some white chocolate (water bath); do not use nutella-like swaps.
  • Put the stick in the melted chocolate, stir gently and be careful not to break them
  • Grab a spoonful or half a spoon from the mix and put on some baking paper (they stick to surface quite hard) and form small white piles.
  • Put on the eyes (dark chocolate drops)
  • Leave the ghosts with the spiders to cool down in the fridge for 20-30 minutes.


Bloodthirsty mode on :D.




The “salty sticks|chocolate combination” has always been my favourite, I hope you get hooked on as well :).


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Have some pleasant calories,




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