Homemade Chocolate Cake Indulgence

Greetings from me, the champion of healthy nutrition with yet another calorie bomb for the amateurs :D. I had no intention of having a post about it, but a few girls asked about the recipe so I thought it’d be easier this way.


I and my brother decided to make a homemade birthday cake for mom and grandma, who they are both born on the 16 of November. Browsing through a number of recipes we finally decided to improvise. And frankly, it turned out amazing.




Ready-made spongecake in any form you wish (4 layers)

400 gr. chocolate spread (I have used the two-colour Nucrema)

Cherry Kompot/Juice

200 gr. of walnuts

100/150 gr raisins


For cream:

Dr. Oetker Paradise Cream Chocolate

1 tea spoon of cinnamon

1 soup spoon of rum

1 soup spoon of ground coffee

Powdered sugar


For the decoration:

The decorative balls have to be prepared in advance, because they need to stay in the freezer for 30-40 minutes.

250 gr. of biscuits

150 gr. of cream cheese

2 chocolate bars





For the decorative balls:

  1. Blend the biscuits
  2. Put in the cream cheese and make dough
  3. Roll some balls and arrange them in a plate
  4. Freeze for 30-40 minutes.
  5. Melt the two chocolate bars (water bath)
  6. Take the balls out, dip them in the chocolate, then back to the same plate and return into the freezer.


For the layers:

  1. Follow the instruction on the Dr Oetker pack (add 3-4 spoons of powdered sugar) and then you put the cinnamon, the rum and the coffee.
  2. Spread a thick layer of chocolate on the first layer.
  3. Put on the second one and then soak with the kompot/juice (but sparingly because the layers are quite frail).
  4. Spread a thick layer of the Dr. Oetker cream, sprinkle some walnuts (whole or crushed).
  5. You soak the third layer as well, then again some Dr. Oetker cream, but this time sprinkle with raisins.
  6. The top-fourth layer is a dry one, put on the chocolate spread.
  7. Take out the freezer balls and decorate as you please.




You can come up with all sorts of decoration, this is just and idea, a tabula rasa to build on ;).


Surprisingly (this was our first home-made cake mind you!) it turned out amazing, out of this world, delicious, mellow, lush. So at the end of the day there was almost a fund-raiser for the decorative balls, all willing to donate some balls win another scoop of mom’s gorgeous top secret cream :D. A lot of love goes into a home-made cake, so imperfections get easily disregarded.


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Bon Appétit and don’t hate me much on the treadmill,




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