Istanbul Sapphire

Istanbul Sapphire is probably the best way to witness first-hand the other face of Istanbul – the tamer, the contemporary one, awa from the Bosphorus and its icy cold waters.


In the business heart of the city, at the panoramic terace of Istanbul Sapphire, 261 meters in the air, 64 floors above ground in a building full of luxury flats, a shopping center and amenities of all sorts, and a garden at every third floor, this is a structure shielding its tenants from the city roar. Standing there, it hits you right away – as wild and voluptuous Istanbul might be, as monstrous is its economic paw. And as spine-chilling the shadow of the Orient is, even more humbling is Turkey’s raw entrepreneurial profile.



It’s not by accident that Istanbul has a number of nicknames all involving the word “door” like “Gate to Bliss” or “The Great Gate “. The city truly is a door for the world into the heart of Turkey and this part of the east.



As if Istanbul has sprawled before you… But only for a brief moment, then it picks up, grabbing you by the senses once more.


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