A room in the house, İstanbul in the room
A mirror in the room, İstanbul in the mirror

Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan, Istanbul

New Year, New Mornings

2017 was a creaky one, quite jaded and unsightly, though at the same time brutally demanding and dynamic, and I though it deserved a proper symbolic goodbye.My boyfriend and I, and a cute couple we are friends with, decided to spend New Year’s Eve in Istanbul. The voluptuous, ill-bred, rude, humongous, yet lovely Istanbul, which has so much to offer that five days in it and five blog posts later I’m still yearning for more.



The everyday moment I hold most dear is the time span between 6,30 and 7,30 in the morning. A magical time. And this in particular is the sunrise of first of January 2018. (I have set my alarm to see them, it was important for me). Looking back at this post a few months later, quite a New Year there, alright :D.



Good morning, New Year :).


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Have an irresistible new year,




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