Sofia – Munich – Seville

Those who know me from Instagram have noticed that I often use the hashtag #interpreterslife, which is probably the richest in content related to conference interpreters’ professional life.


The nature of my profession binds me with a non-disclosure code and although as an interpreter I often witness incredible things, I have always conformed to professional ethics providing the utmost respect for my clients/partners personal and business space. As I believe all my esteemed colleagues do too. Yet, outside of this self-inflicted censure, there are a lot of wonderful things to show and twice as many curious thoughts to share.


So off to Portugal for a week, but hold your horse, please :D.



As you can see the logo of the Presidency still stands at the tower since my trip was in the beginning of June. I have been tempted for awhile now to write a post (an article rather) about the Presidency, but I still try to find my way about it. I want it to be respectful and discreet enough, and at the same time enticing and educating. It’s quite unfortunate that many people didn’t think it worthwhile to try to grasp what this stage of Bulgaria’s State Life was actually about, nor the some of the greatest achievements of our country in recent history, nor the new context we live in. I’ll think about it :).


The infamous boarding breakfast of Lufthansa :D.


Arriving at Munich Airport. I’ll spare you the technical details, but the important point is that this trip to Portugal was epic in its own right :D. The flight was Sofia – Munich, Munich – Seville (Spain) and then a three hour journey on land to Albufeira (Portugal). At the end of the day I and the delegates too were utterly exhausted, but, nevertheless, the complicated logistics allowed us to see and most importantly – taste the amazing Seville, plus I’m somehow into such action trips. My job itself is often similar to an action movie, so :D.


Boarding again :D.


I adore flying, sometimes the scenery is just out of this world.



It’s hard to grasp how much Earth changes in a few hours. <3


Welcome to the warm shades of Seville.


No comment needed ♥
Despacito 😀


It was a long day and we’re still far away from Algarve :D.


The journey continues with arriving at Salgados Palace | Algarve, Portugal.


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