Praia da Galé, Albufeira, or a Magical Morning Jog to Remember

The morning after arriving in Algarve, a close to hundred flights later, I had some free time. The night before I googled the fastest way to the beach, so that I could go jogging first time in the morning.

Delight № 1

The morning jog is probably one of the best presents you can give yourself, and it definitely kicks off the best in any new day. And running along the Atlantic ocean is a present form life itself.

Delight № 2

To wake up to the sun and go with your favourite beach track for some pep in the step.


Before I leave you drawing in some raw beauty, I’ll just share a moment I had with myself, then. A moment that I usually go up against every time things seem to go south, doesn’t matter if it is something big or tiny as a morning jog. A moment, which whenever I have managed to play out right, has awarded me a hundred times more.


This was the morning after almost 12 hours on the road, switching planes, buses, people turnover, people buzzing, pressure, emotions, fast change in a matter of minutes. And to laze around a bit in the huge bed the morning after was so incredibly tempting.


I said to myself that today would be a day off jogging, that I deserve some rest, some idleness, that there are many other Portuguese mornings to come. After all, I’ll be staying for a whole week. The night before I had slept at an open door and while negotiating with myself should I get up or not, I paused for a second, breathing in some morning chill. And then a thought crossed my mind. I know that thought, it’s usually what goes through my mind every time I’m about to face a hardship, when I’m confused or things seem too much to handle. My whole body was hurting, my head heavy from strain and months of overworking. And here’s something I skipped out on purpose. Besides being a sheer bliss, morning jogging is also a sheer manifestation of both persistence and discipline.


I thought, “Please, just this time and then we’ll see

  You know how sometimes we just long to hear that at some point things will get better, that it’s always nicer at the end of the road. Though we don’t really know how long this tough situation would last (I’m speaking about serious life stuff), the thought that it would eventually be over, sooner or later, helps us move on and start doing things. Once started, the chance to finish grows exponentially :).  

So I sat in my bed for a little while, looked around, languidly searching for a track on my iPad. And thus a tiny step after a tiny step I perked up a bit. Turned on the song. Went to the balcony. And here I was, a new person. Just like that. Just a tiny bit of effort of getting up and the lazy slug vanished into thin air. The body is something incredible, the mind even more so. No more defeatist thoughts.


The moral of this short story is that every extra effort, never-mind in what area, always pays off, whether its our job or we’re preparing lunch, it always bounces back a hundred times better. And it’s definitely worth it to give yourself a push every once in a while. Or rather, as often as you can. Even for the tiniest of things. After all this is how you prepare to face the big ones. The more we go through this exercise, the better we get at it, the easier it gets. Just like working out in the gym, at some point the muscle gets tough enough and weights are no longer an issue.


A little bit stubbornness goes a long way, and I was awarded with a few wonderful me-hours, some amber sand and the ocean. I’ll always cherish and be thankful for these moments at the beach. Ironically, this was the only time during my whole stay that I could enjoy some silence and me time for so long. It turns out that a silly moment of laziness, would have ruined this enchanting memory I now have.


This brief moment of doubt is actually a small-scale template of all the times I’ve gone with the flow,  given myself to resignation, to dark thoughts, laziness, clinging to the past, to the familiar, to the easy things, to food. But any small victory, builds on the fortress of character.


I wish you would always have the will to do it “just this time” and then we’ll see.


And now off to Praia da Galé or the Beach of the Gales.


Delight № 3

To run over very fine, but highly compressed sand.


Delight № 4

These seashell rocks.


Delight № 5

These colours and that sea scent.




To spend time with yourself is just as precious as all the laughter and joy a nice company brings along.


Having said that, in one of my next trips to the beach I was accompanied by my fellow Romanian interpreters, two amazing professionals, a delightful company and the cutest cupcakes ever.


Delight № 6

My dear colleagues.

Albufeira at a distance. It kinda reminds me of the White City Minas Tirith form LOTR.

At some point the interpreter walk flowed into a lady afternoon with a lot of talking ♥


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