“Hi, Can I Ask You How Did You Loose All That Weight?”

Honestly, for quite some time I even got a bit offended by this question, which is totally illogical provided that I have a blog, specifically designed to discuss weight-loss, duh? :D. At some point though I started to accept the fact that I obviously bear this huge responsibility to share what has happened to me, my experiences and what I have achieved ultimately. And most importantly, I needed to share my story in a down-to-earth, adequate, practical, realistic and caring way, with utmost responsibility to others’ health and well-being.

In fact it is only natural for people to ask me that and I definitely try to urge everybody to approach me, seek feedback and ask questions. Of course my results are intriguing to say the least, they’re curious, many people have a similar problem and naturally they would like to know how in the world did that happen? Yet, I still feel discord about this question and I imagine it i probably related to the process of loosing weight the way I did it. To the core and the philosophy behind it. Bluntly speaking I have put a lot of thought and effort in it and it feels disrespectful to ask someone to just sum up years of dedication in a paragraph or two. Or to ask them to just jot down the non-existent “secret recipe” and spare you all the details. It feels as if I’m required to distribute over-the-counter shortcuts or a fast pill to something as priceless as priceless can be – namely being strong and healthy. Which is actually what healthy weigh-loss is about. Being strong and healthy.

It is with utmost pleasure and care that I share with you the shortest possible version of everything  I have read for years, all I have been pondering on for months on end, everything I have gone through, and I’m doing all of that to spare you at least some effort and some pain during this process. This is the shoulder I couldn’t really lean on when I was loosing weight, and trust me, I desperately needed that help. I craved for somebody to show me the big picture, the light, the solid hope that it is not too late for me and the ship has not sailed. Because, I swear to God and promise you, it has not!

Still, reality is that even that shortcut can never be as short as our consumer minds are used to expect, you know, a mini-manual with bullet points and a few magical spirulina recipes :D. Not all of life’s precious wisdom comes in a two-line, neatly arranged, beautiful marketing messages. You have real human life and body, with their natural constraints :). You have to remind yourself about that every once in a while. Modern life is moving us further and further away from nature and more often than not creates this false sense of being invisible and we are definitely not that :).

And let’s not go into the spirulina issue, ’cause I am almost sure poor thing would have a really bad day reading about it :D. 

Bach to our current topic, though. At the end of the day I have managed to achieve permanent, sustainable weight-loss, not a temporary one, not a yo-yo effect one. Naturally, these 70 kilos that I’ve lost for me are a pivotal, absolutely remarkable achievement and I realize that. In fact this is an incredible victory over myself. And what is more fortunate, is I have come out of this weight-loss process not only slimmer, but in an excellent physical and psychological shape, all that followed by a new philosophy on life. And this is not an easy feat. So irrespective of what one fitness magician or the other says, my mission, as a sensible person who has mastered their own weaknesses, is to explain that true and lasting changes cost time and patience.

Аnd for those who were patient enough, let me try to answer this question as nice and concise as possible 🙂

The shortest answer: by working out and healthy nutrition.

The longer answer: by acquiring new habits, lots of reading and hard work, perseverance and being positive.

And the longest answer, which is ironically the shortest in number of words: by mastering change.

You know, I’ve been trying to loose weight for 15 years, this is also roughly the time that I have dedicated to educating myself on the matter, and loosing these 70 kilos took me 5 years. During this process I’ve struggled and overcame a lot of personal prejudice, many misconceptions instilled by the media, internet and doctors alike. I have coped with a number of vices, I’ve got over numerous negative characteristics I had, went through many changes in my personal life, pressure to build a name in my professional field, pressure to prove myself in my own eyes, and a continuous conscious effort to internalize that it is I who direct my mind, body and life. It is I, not food, not stress, not anxiety, not others’ perceptions and misconceptions, not their negligence or incompetence, or mistakes. Everybody slips up once in a while, some more often than that, but the truth of the matter is that every mistake is one’s own fault and the consequences as well.
So my choices, good or bad, are my responsibility and mine alone.   

Those who are happy with the resume – good, those who are not – let’s take that first step to change. ❤
First and foremost you have to realize something and to realize it multiple times until you finally internalize it and start believing full-time.
Weight-loss is not something you do by holding your breath and bearing with it for a few months or years, and then you just let go and everything runs smooth. Sorry, but no way. It easy to motivate yourself for a certain period, to loose a few pounds and then spring back from ashes with 10 pounds more. If you have issues with being overweight, it is highly likely that you need to change many things in your life, that you have never even suspected needed change. And food is only one of them. To identify those you need some time, self-awareness and patience, moving step by step. Most probably you’ll have a bunch of tiny and not so tiny bad habits you’ll have to get rid off, we all do, and believe it or not, it will hurt like hell, and overcoming those would be much harder than skipping on that beloved burger of yours. What I can do about it is provide the suitable tools to ease this process and help you go all the way to the right result.

And please understand, we are talking a change be good. Like forever.

As you have probably noticed bullshitting is not up my alley. It has never been anyway. And yes, as hard and as comprehensive this change might be, I swear to God, the process is neither too complicated, nor that impossible to achieve. Irrespective of your starting point. We have issues with weight because we are doing something wrong, we have strayed away from the natural flow of things. And change is what will bring back the missing balance. I call this the primal balance – fundamental and ancient as the human body itself.

I don’t care how corny this might sound, but it is a journey, not a destination. And whether the journey is worth it or not, is a conversation you have to hold with yourself. And I’ll be glad to walk along with you on this journey.

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Wishing you a week full of inspiration,

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