Interpreting Health is about beauty, but mind you – the beauty of will and the beauty of change. My late 20’s proved quite turbulent and I had to change many things. Ultimately, I have lost 70 kg | 154 lbs (don’t pass out on me, please :D) and for five years now I’ve committed myself to the gym (former layabout) and a healthy diet (forever cursed to fight binge eating). I’m intrigued by language, working with words is both my passion and a career. I try to go for a light-hearted style and interesting topics. I speak about my life, views and my weight-loss journey in particular, and how it made me stronger and more focused, changed my perspective on life and helped me open a new chapter of myself. But essentially, I want to motivate you, and myself, for even more lovely change. On a different note, I am a December baby, a Conference Interpreter, Sofia University Graduate, a budding entrepreneur and as a Horoscope once wrote – a staunch Sagittarius. For inquiries and collaboration: